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Alpine MusicSafe Classic


Musicians are at considerable risk of damage to the hearing. Very loud music causes hearing impairment and other physical problems. The MusicSafe Classic™ ear plugs are provided with two pairs of different filter sets that you can change around yourself. Thus you yourself can determine which muffling is most suitable in various situations. The Alpine MusicSafe Classic do not create a feeling of being ‘closed off’ or a sense of extra pressure. Our model MusicSafe Classic has been specifically developed for performers.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro

Musicians and DJs are at great risk of incurring hearing loss as a result of the fact that they are often in areas with loud music. For a musician, his/her hearing is the most essential gear. Hearing loss has a direct impact on how they are able to perform their job or passion. Therefore, excellent hearing protection is essential during repetitions, performances and concerts. Our luxury model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for performers.




Hearing protection; a must, not an option!

Damage to hearing is like the work of an assassin. Specifically because we are always surrounded by noise, we quickly become used to it. Even if the noise level assumes extreme forms. Think for example of an employee on the shop floor of a machine hall, or visitors to a discotheque or dance party… or even yourself in your car on a busy motorway, surrounded by other traffic. Watch this video on tinnitus.

For this reason: hearing protection for both private and professional use

Often without being aware of it, we are in situations in which we could – or even should – use hearing protection. Alpine fills the musicians’ need with the Music Safe Classic, affordable, comfortable and convenient too with its own travel box.

Download the info sheet and spec sheet.