Korg Canada a Division of Jam Industries


Please read these terms carefully

Many of the products Korg has in its current lineup, from Digital Recorders to Keyboards, has a flash Rom area onboard for the operating system. This great piece of engineering enables the user to upgrade the operating system as soon as it is available, and at absolutely no cost. However, one must take into consideration that without proper knowledge of the procedures, a unit can begin to malfunction.

Available as a download on this site, all Korg operating system upgrades have detailed instructions. Should a product’s update be interrupted in any way during the process, the unit may need servicing. Please bear in mind that this type of damage is not covered under warranty, and repairs could be extremely costly. Korg Canada reserves the right to charge an end user for this type of repair if this damage is deemed to be the reason for the servicing.

Please consult the detailed instructions first, enclosed with the operating system.

As a rule of thumb to follow, when performing an upgrade, DO NOT:

  1. Touch the unit
  2. Turn off the power during the upgrade
  3. Upgrade during a thunder storm or when your local power is going on and off

If the update does not go smoothly, leave the power on to the Korg unit and immediately contact product support.

Since Korg Canada’s website links to Korg USA and Korg UK’s for many downloads, please read the download software license terms below.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these license terms.

Korg USA software license terms

Korg UK software license terms

I have read and understood Korg Canada’s disclaimer above, and have read and understood Korg USA and Korg UK’s software license terms, linked above.