Hartke Welcomes Marco Mendoza

Hartke is pleased to announce the addition of rock bassist Marco Mendoza to our family of artists. Mendoza has been a mainstay in the rock community for over 20 years, best known for his work with popular rock band Thin Lizzy. He has also worked with Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Neal Schon and Soul SirkUS.

“We are thrilled to welcome Marco to the Hartke family,” says Mark Menghi, Hartke’s Director of Marketing. “He is a master of many different musical genres and is embraced by audiences everywhere.”

“Hartke’s LH1000 amplifiers and HyDrive 810 cabinets are perfect for what I play,” says Mendoza. “The added power and versatile tone they offer allow me to explore all the different styles of music I love.”

Thin Lizzy will be touring throughout 2011, during which Mendoza will present an extensive Hartke dealer clinic tour. For more information on Mendoza, visit www.marcomendoza.com, or go to www.thinlizzyband.com to see the band live on tour and hear that classic Hartke bass sound.


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Find out why one of the best bass players in the world chose Hartke.
Victor Wooten NAMM 2009
(Anaheim, California)

Hartke revolutionized the sound of electric bass when they introduced their aluminum speaker cones into the world of bass amplification. The first Hartke bass cabinet was built for bass legend Jaco Pastorius in 1984. Before long Hartke was seen on almost every professional stage. Everybody was playing through Hartke amplifiers and speaker cabinets, Jack Bruce (Cream), Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith), Garry Tallent (E-Street Band), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani)and many other well known artists.

Hartke aluminum cone speakers produce a wider frequency range producing more lows and more highs than paper cone speakers. Aluminum has a faster transient response than paper producing a quicker clearer tone.

They have been responsible for many innovations in the MI industry in addition to their aluminum cones speakers. Hartke designs are the most copied in the industry. Their Kickback Combos have been widely copied by others as has the whole Hartke look with their distinctive metal grills that allow you to see the speakers and provide extra protection.