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Easy Start Guides
OASYS Tutorial Guide
D12 Guided Tour
D12 Easy Start
D1600 Guided Tour
D1600 Easy Start
PXR4 Easy Start
D1200 Easy Start Guide
D32XD Easy Start
D16XD Easy Start
D1600 mkII Easy Start
D1200 mkII Easy Start

Important Info
D-Series FAQ's

Step-by-Step Tutorials
Update Procedure for All D-Series
Korg D-Series Wav Export Tutorial
Speeding Up/Slowing Down Recorded Material
Using Effects, Bouncing with Effects
Using Outboard Gear with D-Series
Craig Anderton's Article "Mastering on the D1600"
Instrument Ranges -- very useful!
D1200 Wav Import Tutorial
D1600 Wav Import Tutorial
D8 effects clarification
D12, D1200, D16, D1600 Track Sheet
Virtual Track Sheet
Can I rip audio off a CD on to the HD?

Useful Information Links
Online Recording Handbook
Electronic Musician's Tutorials
Online Glossary of Audio Terms
Home Recording Tips and Tricks
The Recording Website

Drivers and Software
Windows 98 USB driver (exe)
New User FX

Korg PXR4 mp2 to wav converter (exe)
Manual for software
PXR4 Practice Session

D32XD/D16XD USB Driver Win98 (exe)
D1600mkII/D1200mkII USB Driver Win98 (exe)

More Tutorials
Korg 1212 Sound Card FAQ's
Korg OASYS Sounds Card FAQ's PC, Mac
OASYS PCI Frequently Asked Questions
OASYS PCI FAQ Version Information

D16 - 16 Track Digital Recorder
Where can I find the SysEx?
How do I burn an audio CD on my D-1600mkII?
How can I export my audio tracks as individual WAV files in my D-1600mkII?

PXR4 - Pandora: Digital Recorder
How can I remove the Demo Songs?
How do I format the Smart Media card?