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Easy Start Guides
Pa80 Getting Started Guide
Pa80 Easy Start
Pa60 Easy Start
Pa1X PA1X-Pro Easy Start

Downloading and opening files for those of you who are new to computers
Korg PCIF to Host Troubleshooting
Hooking up your Korg unit to a computer
Event Editor and General MIDI Tutorial for All Korg Users
Korg File Systems and Icons
GM, GS, XG Commands
Standard Midi Files
Pa-series Vocoder Set-up
Pa-series Update Procedure
i30 Style/Pattern Creating (i30)
Pa80 Hookup to Other Midi Devices
Pa80/i30 New Styles Loading/Saving
Pa80 Tutorial on the Internet
i30/is35/is40/is50/i40M Initialize Styles Set (Zip)
is35/is40/is50/i40M Load One Style/Arrangement and Style Management
Irish Acts Link to Pa80 Tutorial (Zip)
Irish acts link to Pa80/Pa60 resources
i30 Alternate 3&4 output routing
How to make you own styles on the Pa80/Pa60, from © Awareness Engine, 2001
Once I change a style, how do I save it?
How can I change the programs within a style?
Can I change the chord recognition mode?
Can I copy RPPRs from one song location to another on the TRITON STUDIO?