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We’re Serious About Making You Happy!


Lanikai Ukuleles bridge the gap between Hawaiian ukulele tradition and the needs of the discerning modern player. We promote the joy of making music with innovative design and detailed craftsmanship created from a confluence of culture, time, and place. We are dedicated to the serious hobbyist, professional performer, and ukulele player that demands more from their instrument. We’ve challenged ourselves to craft ukuleles that play, perform, and sound like no other – allowing players to uniquely express themselves through our instruments and find their own sound with Lanikai.

A Ukulele Revolution!


Have you ever tuned up your ukulele and played one chord in tune then switch to another chord and it plays out of tune? The strings are stretched and the open strings are in tune, but for some reason that second chord plays out of tune… Well my friends that is what is called poor intonation! There are many issues that cause poor intonation and TunaUke Technology solves them all. With this technology we have achieved over a 90% improvement!

Recording your uke has never been easier!



Lanikai’s UkeSB Ukuleles are the world’s first ukuleles to feature a USB output, just plug it in and hit record! No extra equipment is needed to make studio quality recordings of your instrument with your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or many popular PC recording suites! To top it off the UkeSB Ukuleles are absolutely gorgeous. Available with all Koa Construction or Koa with a Solid Spruce Top, real Mother of Pearl inlays, and our full Fishman Kula preamp – these ukes have it all!

Kula Equipped



The sleek design of this preamp lends itself well to the ukulele and fits everything you could ask for in a preamp. With a three band EQ, you’ll be prepared to please any crowd by adjusting the low mid and high range to your liking. Never search for your clip-on tuner again! The Kula preamp features an on-board chromatic tuner so you can tune up wherever you go.