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VT20+ Classic

The most compact amplifier in the Valvetronix + Series, the VT20+ is rated at 20 Watts, with 10 Watts Reserve Power, making it the ideal choice for an at-home practice amplifier. Available in Classic VOX color scheme for a limited time only!20 Watts + 10 Watts Reserve Power, 12AX7 tube driven technology,33 amp models, 25 effects, 99 instant presets in Limited Edition Classic VOX color scheme

Pathfinder 10 Classic Red

Little and loud, the Pathfinder 10 from VOX features everything you adore about classic VOX amps in a compact, 10 Watt package! Available in Classic Red for a limited time only! 10 Watts, 1 x 6.5” VOX Bulldog speaker, Limited Edition Classic Red color scheme.

AC15C1 & AC4C1 Classic Red

Continuing the tradition that began in 1958, the AC15 Custom amplifier is the quintessential VOX amplifier. Available in Classic Red for a limited time only!15 Watts, 1 x 12” Celestion G12M Greenback speaker. The AC4C1 Top Boost sound in a compact, 4 Watt tube amplifier. 4 Watt Class A amplifier design, 1 x 10” Celestion VX10 speaker.

MINI5 Rhythm in Ivory

The new MINI5 Rhythm DI is uniquely finished in ivory, from head to toe, making this one of the most distinctive color options yet! Plus there is also the MINI5 Rhythm IV features a beautifully-contrasting ivory and black metallic front grille or the MINI5 Rhythm CL that uses the traditional VOX diamond grille cloth, projecting a classic atmosphere reminiscent of the AC30.

Plug In, Rock Out!

The headphone guitar amp that lets you enjoy serious guitar sound, fast.
Jamming late at night? Don’t want to wake the neighbors? The amPlug Series of palm-sized headphone guitar amps make it easy to enjoy great guitar sounds at home, in your room, or anywhere. Simply plug the amPlug directly into any guitar, attach a pair of headphones, and you’re ready! Use the AUX input jack to plug any CD/MP3 player right into the amPlug and jam along. Connect the optional amPlug Cabinet (sold separately) to create a miniature amp stack to share the sound with friends.

The new AC4C1-TV-BC

The ultimate amp for the tonal purist, covered in a retro chic two-tone colour scheme. Appearing in the 1960s, VOX’s two-tone coloured amps dominated the world thanks to their use at the time by groundbreaking English rock and roll bands. Every detail has been meticulously replicated, starting with the gray and blue colouring with its instantly recognizable aesthetic, the thick gold piping laid in the joints of the two-tone covering, and of course the highly retro TV-front design of the cabinet. The lineup consists of three models, 4W, 15W, and 30W, allowing you to choose the amp that’s right for you. Featuring unique and elegant looks and the classic VOX chime, these are amplifiers which showcase VOX at the top of their game.

The Valvetronix+ Series VT120+

The Valvetronix+ Series VT120+Of the broad lineup of VOX amps – from large all-tube amps to mini transistor amps – the Valvetronix Series is acclaimed by the broadest range of musicians and is being used in the widest variety of musical scenarios today. Delivering the perfect fusion of great tube amp sound and cutting-edge modeling technology, the original VOX Valve Reactor circuitry made its sensational debut in 2001 as the guitar amp for the new century. Since then, it has undergone continual renewal in response to the latest developments in amps, and in order to flexibly meet today’s needs.


wahwahThe V845 Wah-Wah pedal is a new version of the most famous guitar effects pedal of all time. Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the ’60s, the V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design.

An AC power connector is fitted to save on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making it the perfect choice for your pedal board.


markiii_bass_rdNow in 2014, VOX has revived the bass models for today, just as it did for the guitars.

The teardrop-shaped MARK III Bass and the Phantom-shaped MARK III Bass comprise a lineup that is available in four pop colors for each model, featuring basswood bodies, hard maple necks, 21-fret rosewood fingerboards, and two single-coil pickups.

The pickups feature the vintage positions that faithfully reproduce the famous signature models, so you’ll enjoy the unique sound that is distinct from typical basses.



lg_soundboxmini_frontExpand your sound, your possibilities, and your enjoyment.
A small, lightweight, multi-purpose stereo amp that you can use as easily as a Portable Music Speaker system.
Main features

  • Proprietary sound technology fostered with VOX’s guitar amps, now packed into a compact body.
  • Expansive sound using KORG “Acoustage” technology.
  • Amp input section supports a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and keyboard.
  • Built-in effects, so you can simply connect your guitar and enjoy playing great sounds.
  • Instrument, mic, and portable audio player can be used simultaneously.

Vox picking up the awards

vox-tone-garage-flat-4boost-630-80“Trike Fuzz” and “Double Deca Delay” won Editors’ Pick awards. VOX Tone Garage pedals have a product review in the November issue of Guitar Player magazine and the Trike Fuzz and Double Deca Delay won Editors’ Pick awards.

“ToneGarage & Night Train G2” get awarded the Guitarist Magazine Choice Award, In addition,a great review for Tone Garage is now on MusicRadar.com.

Vox Canada now has a new Facebook page

Vox_FBCheck out our new page and be entered for a chance to win a pair of Vox Amphone AC30’s.
We have tons of updates, new product info as well as artist info and more.

Mark III & V primed to retake the spotlight.

Untitled-1With their innovative body shapes, the Teardrop guitar and Phantom guitars that appeared in 1960 were dominant presences in the world of uniquely shaped guitars.

Even today, many musicians are mesmerized by these guitars, and their perpetual popularity causes them to sell for high prices on the used market.

The strong demand for reissued models has been met only by limited run production models and the VOX Apache series of travel guitars, which added yet another chapter to the tale of these instruments.

Tone Garage

GarageThree Tube Stomp Effects & Two Analog Stomp Effects. Tone Garage captures the pure essence of analog in these compact effect units by pairing carefully selected components with a unique design philosophy.


Three of the five pedals are genuine tube stomp effects that can deliver all flavors of drive to your tone. The V8 DISTORTION, STRAIGHT 6 DRIVE and FLAT 4 BOOST all take advantage of VOX’s newly developed Hi-Volt technology and provide not only the warm tone expected from a tube but also the all important feel and dynamics.

AC Custom – Limited Edition cream and purple custom series


The popular custom colour models have been joined by two new colours: cream and purple.
The AC30C2-CM/AC15C1-CM features the G12M-65 Creamback speaker that has been revived by the Celestion Company, fulfilling the hopes of many guitarists. The sound of mid-60s rock has been resurrected for today’s players. With an appearance and design that emanate an atmosphere of premium sophistication, and colour schemes that capture the heart of aficionados, custom colour models have been popular since the beginning of the VOX brand. We now announce two new colours: vintage cream and elegant purple. here

The VOX Apache

apacheAs a solo artist and guitarist in seminal rock band The Strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr. has been at the forefront of the modern music scene for more than a decade. Having recently added a VOX Apache guitar to his arsenal, Albert had this to say:

“The VOX Apache is the perfect guitar to write music on. The built-in drum machine in the body makes it super fun to select from a wide array of beats and mess around with different chords and song ideas while having a rhythm accompaniment, even when I’m alone in the studio.”

Check out the latest album from The Strokes, Comedown Machine, in stores now! www.thestrokes.com



Introducing the MINI3 G2 – the next-generation model of the MINI3, the definitive portable modeling amplifier. 

Includes VOX’s original “Bassilator” circuit for dramatically enhanced sound quality! As its name suggests, the MINI3 G2 is ultra-compact. Your MINI3 G2 includes a convenient, detachable shoulder-type carry strap for transporting your MINI3 G2 with ease. It weighs a mere 3 kg, so you won’t get tired of carrying it around. In addition from getting from point A to point B, the MINI3 G2 can be played at any point along the way! Six AA alkaline batteries can provide up to 10 hours of power on-the-go – ideal for outdoor use and street performances. An AC adaptor is included for playing while connected to an outlet.

Vox Ukelectric 33 – Electric Ukulele


Once you’ve played it, you’ll be hooked! The new Ukelectric – an electric ukulele with built-in amp and speaker.

It’s a solid body electric ukulele that you can play anytime and anywhere, and it’s named the Ukelectric. Sporting the traditional VOX teardrop-shaped body, it features a built-in amp and speaker. With the perfect blend of unique specifications and loveable looks, it’s the new ukulele that unmistakably says “VOX.” Turn on the power, and you’ll be able to play through the built-in speaker, allowing the audience to easily hear the beautifully distinctive resonances of the ukulele whether you’re on stage or performing at home. A soft case is included, so you can also use the Ukelectric as a travel ukulele. Since there’s an output jack, you can connect it to a conventional amp or mixer for recording, or use it in live performances without fear of feedback. Comes in natural brown, blackburst, redburst and white.


Audiofanzine selects Vox Series 22 Guitars as Best of NAMM 2011

As usual, each NAMM is laden with a plethora of new guitars to fit all tastes and wallet sizes. From the traditional, to the limited edition, to the signature models, to the bizarre and high tech. So it’s hard to focus on just one model, but if we must, we give a nod to the affordable, classically designed Vox Series 22- guitars that you can actually see yourself owning and playing for a long time. The Vox Series 22 are double-cutaway models which borrow production techniques, styling cues, and use the same components found in the Vox Virage, Series 77, Series 55, and Series 33 guitars. The set neck features an inverse heel design and deep cut designed to offer unobstructed access to the upper frets. Each Series 22 guitar is outfitted with two XLM (Xtra Loud Mini) humbucking pickups with two tone settings. I like the red one. Click here for article.



We are surrounding by innovation in the guitar industry, with futuristic new instruments continuing to push the boundaries of what the once-humble electric guitar can do. That said, we guitarists are a largely conservative bunch who still put our faith and trust in designs that are over half a century old.

With that in mind, what’s really gets pulses racing is a guitar that breaks new ground from inside the trojan horse of a classic exterior, and that’s exactly what Vox has achieved here. Derived from the Virage range launched in 2008, the new Series 55 models are beautifully contoured with a hugely versatile range of tones thanks to those CoAxe pickups, at a price that isn’t beyond the reach of the gigging musician.

We loved the double-cutaway 77 Series guitar too, but the 55’s price is too good to ignore. A serious amount of guitar for the money.




Vox has a heritage that no other music company can boast. Throughout the 1960’s it was one of the greatest innovators of music technology and the name Vox was associated with many top and new artists of the decade such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Shadows. Over fifty years later, after six changes of ownership, it is still surviving in what has become one of the worlds most competitive markets. Now there is a whole new generation of Vox users, many because of their aspirations and respect for the many artists who rely on Vox for their sound.