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Warwick’s second entry into the field of lightweight Bass Amps is the 500W LWA500. The configuring of the Amp to give 250W at 4 Ohms and 500W at 4 Ohms makes it possible to have the power you need for the gig regardless of the size of the venue.
The Pre amp is based on Warwick signature Class A/Low Z circuitry made famous with the WA and BC series of amps. This technology makes sure you have the warm huge distortion free sound you desire without disturbing noise.
The advancement in Power supply technology and error correction circuitry in the Class D power amp used in the LWA 500 allows for tighter and stronger bass response than previously possible in this type of amps. Making it comparable in sound to much heavier Class A/B amps.

• Lightweight Bass Amplifier Head
• 500 Watt at 4 Ohm
• 250 Watt at 8 Ohm Strings
• Class A Low Noise Preamp
• Class D Power Amplifier
• 1 channel
• Input
• Mute Switch
• 4-Band EQ ( Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, Treble )
• Compressor with in/out switch
• Master Volume

WCA series

WACA208LW_WarwickThey’re compact, smart and toneful – our WCA series saw the introduction of no less than eight additions to complement our low-end wonder LWA 1000! The WCA LW series is finally here, and offers 2×8″, 4×8″, 1×12″ and 1×15″ configurations.

At last, bassists of all styles can easily assemble their dream rig giving them the tone they’ve always heard in their head without overexerting their back!

Warwick WCA112s

Warwick WCA115s

Warwick WCA208s

Warwick WCA408s

Crafted in Germany, assembled in China

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgWith the “Crafted in Germany, assembled in China” Pro Series, Framus & Warwick is launching a new line of basses and guitars which offer the highest quality standards at an affordable price.

Highly skilled production specialists dry, select the woods, and CNC-route the instruments’ components at our Markneukirchen, Germany manufacturing facility – using the latest technology of our cutting-edge production.

Gitarre & Bass and Warwick Bass Camp

GB_praesentiert_BassCamp2014 is shaping up to be an amazing year for bass lovers all around the world! The third iteration of the Gitarre & Bass and Warwick Bass Camp will take place from September 1 to September 5, 2014 here in Markneukirchen, Germany! And you know what this means – expect a breathtaking roster of superstar bassists and an entire week filled with clinics and fun all about the bass!

If you would still like to be a part of this bass extravaganza of epic proportions that is without equal in all of Europe, we recommend that you submit your registration quickly! As of today, only six out of 80 spots are left! Yes, that’s right – Bass Camp 2014 is almost sold out ten months prior to the event already, so register today! Once all spots are taken, new registrations will be put on a waiting list.


Our Warwick Bass Camp winner Jimmy Coulombe shares his experience.

Trip of a lifetime? Understatement! “Yes It’s an understatement ! There is no word to explain how awesome was my trip. I’ll never tell you enough how Thankful I am!
Merci mille fois!” – Jimmy Coulombe

Click here to view more of his pictures

RockBass Alien Standard and Deluxe now available in two new colors

rockbassNo question – our “Alien” is absolutely legendary. The compact-sized acoustic bass with its special asymmetrical sound hole and big, woody tone has long become a staple of the low-end world. Our acoustic wonder has won us four MIPA awards so far, and it is clear that it has done so for a very good reason! But that is not all – as of now, our versatile Alien line sports even more variety! Due to strong customer demand, the RockBass Alien Standard and the RockBass Alien Deluxe models are now available in two new colors! More info

Carbon Neutral Production

CarbonNeutralWithout a shadow of a doubt, the climate change issue, which is often linked to the high CO2 emissions of our modern society, is one of the most discussed topics of our time. Framus and Warwick are the first manufacturer in the music industry worldwide to succeed in realizing carbon neutral production of its instruments.

Wolf Hoffmann of Accept on the Framus Wolf Hoffmann Signature Model

WolfHoffman In this video, Framus Signature Artist Wolf Hoffmann presents the features of the Wolf Hoffmann Signature model and explains the story behind the one-of-a-kind instrument. But that is not all – Wolf also provides a plethora of playing examples demonstrating the versatility of the instrument. Furthermore, the guitar legend discusses the stunning Custom Shop edition of the amazing axe dubbed the “Flying Fortress”, and also lets the viewer in on Accept’s current plans. A must watch for all lovers of heavy music! Click here to view the video

New Flight cases


Beautiful, first-class instruments deserve first-class protection without compromises. As a result, we at Framus & Warwick have not only refined our flight cases for all “Made in Germany” instruments, but also redesigned them for an even more elegant look.

They are now even more durable and secure. Our new cases come with aluminum angles, chrome-plated ball corners, three rugged hinges and two powerful butterfly locks. Furthermore, an attractive red velvet cloth with an embroidered Warwick logo, a user kit, and a certificate of authenticity signed by company founder and owner Hans-Peter Wilfer are included with our German-made instruments.

The RockBass “W Bass”


Every instrument has its very own story to it, and the origins of our new RockBass “W Bass” lie in what is definitely not your everyday anecdote. The original idea to craft a bass with a body that is shaped like the famous Warwick “W” was conceived by a Warwick dealer. The instrument born from this inspiration was then given to us for our 30th company anniversary. We at Framus & Warwick were so thrilled by this idea that we made the decision to make the extraordinary instrument design a production model. And here it is – the “W Bass”, made by RockBass, and crafted in China.

RockBass Triumph Lite


The Warwick Triumph Upright Bass is crafted in Markneukirchen, Germany, based on the original Framus designs of the early 1950. This year, Warwick’s electric upright bass was awarded the mipa Award at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013.

As of late summer 2013, the Warwick Triumph will be available as a RockBass model. Click here for more info

Enter to win a trip to Germany for the Warwick Bass Camp!

Warwick_BassCamp_Promo_MayJuly2013From now until July 31st, purchase a Warwick product and register online for a chance to win a trip to Warwick’s Bass Camp in September. The winner will be announced August 1st.
Contest open to Canadian resident only. Warwick will again host a Bass Camp in the coming year, in cooperation with Gitarre & Bass magazine. After the huge success of the first edition of this event in 2012, Bass Camp 2013 promises to offer world-renowned artists, a variety of workshops, and a lot to experience and learn for bassists of every age and level.

The Warwick Difference

Neither Warwick´s policy of continuous product development, nor the investment in new machinery and technology which it entails, detracts from the spirit of hand craftsmanship. Correct selection and working of woods remain vital factors in determining the sound.

WARWICK differs from other bass manufactures in buying all its wood in complete rough logs or planks – none is obtained precut. This means more work, but ensures complete control over the wood used and the finished look of the instrument. The wood selected is stored for three to five years, and dried in Warwick´s own kilns to reduce moisture to the optimum level – a process which requires experience and patience. While WARWICK makes greater use of modern technology than any of its rivals, it does so only where the result will be a better instrument (and a more satisfied musician). The benefits are clear: It relieves humans of the mundane repetitive tasks, delegating them to machines. This reduces the risk of inaccuracy, at the same time increasing job satisfaction. The result is an increase in the quality and consistency of the instruments leaving the factory.