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Warwick Artists

Simon Daigle

Simon-Daigle-Pic-4-Bio-Hartke_webSimon Daigle’s album, Quand On Bass, features a style of Bass playing that is reminiscent of that of such virtuosi as Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller. This album expresses joyfulness through festive rhythms and Fun lyrics. The song “Quand On Bass” is performed by the rapper Damien ( 46 times #1 on CKOI radio). Simon plays Bass for Marimuz, nominated at ADISQ, as well as for Pascal Guertin, nominated for the prize Lys Blues.


Issah Contractor

Issah Contractor is without a doubt, a uniquely talented and creative musician. Not only does he display a fierce virtuostic command on both bass and drums but has an identifiable and unique language on both these instruments. Adding to this, Issah has taken this musical language and continues to express himself by composing. Crossing all boundries, Issah has had success with KPM Music LTD on an upcoming CD titled Fur and Feathers featuring an indie pop composition titled Us, Alone. Issah has written a large catalogue of muso-friendly fusion jazz tracks which push his own boundries harmoncally and rythmically. Many of which can be heard at www.facebook.com/issahcontractorsmusicalexperiments